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A Thief in the Night: a Book of Raffles' Adventures
E. W. Hornung
Project Gutenberg
A Thief in the Night is a 1905 collection of short stories by Ernest William Hornung, featuring his popular character A. J. Raffles. It was the third book in the series, and the final collection of short stories. In it, Raffles, a gentleman thief, commits a number of burglaries in late Victorian England. Although Raffles had been killed in the Second Boer War at the end of The Black Mask, chronicler and accomplice Bunny Manders narrates additional adventures which he had previously omitted, from various points in their criminal careers. A full-length Raffles novel, Mr. Justice Raffles, would follow in 1909. It too was set before the Boer War, with Raffles in his heyday as a gentlemen thief.